How to restore Patient Access

Find our update on how to get back On-Line (if you are already a Patient Access user) here:

1. You will need to have ‘Patient Access’ delete your current account. This is their
email address:

Once Patient Access have deleted your account or if they
cannot find you, proceed to 2 below:

2. Once you are ready to get on-line please enter the web address below into your
internet browser bar, which will take you to the correct web page to start getting
back on-line.

3. From this screen, you will need to click the blue register button on the top right
hand side of the screen.

4. This will take you to a screen 1. Your Practice.

5. Search for ‘watership’.

6. Then choose the top option ‘Watership Down Health – Kingsclere’ (we all share
one database now). Click Continue.

You will then reach a screen:

7. Have you received a registration letter from your practice? If you have not
requested one, then please contact the medical centre and request this as it will
have the Linkage Key and Account ID that is required.

Click ‘Yes‘ and this will then open up a page to insert the Linkage Key and Account ID. Please note that the Linkage Key is case sensitive.

8. You will then get a Personal details form to complete, then confirm.

9. Then insert your email address (this must be the one that we have held on your
patient record at the practice and it must be unique to the user and not shared
with any other family members) and password.

Your password must be eight characters or more –  including at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one or more numbers.

10. Accept the Terms and Conditions and your account will have been created.

Sign in as normal with your email address and password.